Camille + Zoe

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Camille and Zoe are some of the newest pieces in the shop. Camille is too sweet for words... it's small, simple and oh so pretty. The silk organza and silky satin flower itself is 2.5" wide with some extra pretty tulle, feathers, velvet millinery leaves and rhinestone accents extending another 1.5"-2.5".  It's perfect for a bride looking for something subtle and beautiful.

Zoe is another special feather piece which I just adore. Soft ivory and pale gold tones featuring a bleached peacock feather and sweet duck feathers... and I mustn't forget, it's finished with a gorgeous rhinestone for an extra special finish.

I'll be working on some new feather pieces over the next few weeks. So many ideas floating around my head but not enough time to sit down and make it happen... but I'll keep you all posted with photos once they're complete! 


emma jay said...

Oh my god tania . . . these feathers are so, so beautiful . . . and those crystals are to die for !

Garima Pal said...


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