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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One of the most common questions I receive is whether my pieces can be made in brighter colours. While the popular silky satin flower (i.e. Alexis, Arianna, Marais, Audrina etc) are only available in ivory and black, I had some time over the past week to photograph some of the new coloured silk pieces I had worked on last month.

These little beauties are made from 100% silk dupioni so they can be made in virtually any colour under the sun. Each petal has been hand cut, formed, treated and assembled. Due to the nature of silk dupion, the petals may fray ever so slightly with wear, but as the fabric has been treated and moulded into shape, you shouldn't expect more than the odd fray (which can just be trimmed with a sharp pair of scissors). The Lulu flowers pictured below are 4" wide however they can be made in other sizes too.

What I love about the lovely Lulu is that it can be made in virtually any colour.  I have obsessively collected silk dupion for years so you can choose from the following colours:

Pale gold
Canary yellow
Pale pink
Antique rose
Dusty pink
Grape purple
Aubergine purple
Baby blue
Royal blue
Navy blue
Seafoam green
Apple green
Forest green
Teal green
Tangerine orange
Pewter grey
Charcoal grey

Please contact me if you have a particular colour in mind because the colours above are only a few of the colours I have on hand.

I'd love to hear from you!

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emma said...

OMG - these colours are sublime, Tania!!! Which one to chose? !
Hope the back is getting some TLC - sorry to hear it went bung.
x x

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