back in business (and a sneak peak of things to come)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thanks to everyone for their support, patience and understanding while my shop has been closed. Closing shop was actually much tougher than I thought it would be - not only because I had pretty much nothing to do while my body was recovering, but also not being able to sew as much as I wanted to was probably the most difficult part of all of it!

My lower back is finally recovering and yesterday was my first day where I could move around and not feel sorry for myself. I decided to reopen my shop today but I will not be taking on any large orders or rush orders for at least a few weeks. Any new orders that come through will be made in the timeframes specified in the listings. I have already received 6 orders across my two shops since reopening so that was a lovely surprise!

This injury was the first time I have seriously hurt myself. It did however open my eyes and made me realise that I had to change things in my life so things were more sustainable... long term.  For the past 2 years I have been working full time during the day and I would rush home to start work on existing orders into the night and on weekends. As other online sellers will appreciate, there is much more involved with running an online business than just making things... there's listings to write, photos to take, tags, responding to emails and questions, pieces to design, supplies to buy, marketing materials to coordinate/design, research, packaging, branding, advertising, promotions etc etc.

Combined, it all took its toll on me and my little spine. But, the good news is I am now committed to looking after myself (and actually doing it, not just saying it!). I will exercise more, sleep more, eat better, just general work/life balance. It will be tough adjusting as this has been the lifestyle I have given myself for 2 years but it must happen otherwise there will be no more Percy.... and a long term back injury just wouldn't be fun!

The other thing I have been thinking about over the past 2 weeks while I have been feeling sorry for myself is colour! Yes, bold, bright, raw colour. This would normally be something that would scare me but I am embracing colour and it will be part of the new revamped Percy Handmade. Keep an eye out for some new pieces made from beautiful silk dupioni in the most gorgeous shades... in fact, here's a sneak peek!

LULU silk dupion handmade flowers with rhinestone centres

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