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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I love discovering new Etsy stores and Findi Flooshki from Australia is definitely a new shop that deserves much attention.  I recently purchased a stunning barrette from Findi Flooshki as a gift for my partner's mother. I was a little naughty this morning and I thought i would take some quick photos of the piece before I pass it onto her... I just couldn't resist! The piece is the gorgeous decorative chocolate barrette below with pretty golden highlights. It reminded me of my trip to Europe back in 2009 when my partner and I were fortunate enough to spend a month strolling through the streets of Italy.

The barrette is exceptional, both in design and craftsmanship. Natalie, the talented designer behind these pieces, comes from a family of artistically inclined artisans and you can see the influence of her upbringing in each piece.  You can also tell that much love, time and thought went into each piece, and when I hold each piece in my little hands, I feel like I'm holding a moment in history. I am so pleased with my purchase and while I haven't had a chance to pass this clip onto the gift recipient, I am sure she will love it!

The gorgeous Japanese inspired barrette below is also one of my favourites and I can't believe I am now the proud owner of this piece of craftsmanship. Love, love, love!

You can view Findi Flooshki's fabulous range here

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