Treasury time!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I just woke up and the first thing I did was slowly make my way to computer. To my excitement I was greeted by a handful of treasury notifications which had come through overnight each featuring one of my handmade pieces.

These treasuries are so pretty that I just couldn't resist sharing them with you all!

Curated by DestinysCreations

Curated by WinchesterLambourne

Curated by factorygirlashli

Curated by prunellasoap

Curated by thebellefleur

Curated by HouseThatCrowBuilt

Curated by ThreadRare

Curated by OriginalsByLynnette

Curated by SylviaCPhotography

I'm now off to make some breakfast and then back to the computer when I'll start creating some new treasuries myself!

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Craftiness NOW said...

congrats! how wonderful!! these are all so amazing, what a treat for the eyes, i want to look at all of them.

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