wedding trend: embellished gowns

Monday, December 27, 2010

The wedding trend of 2010 - embellished gowns - will no doubt continue to be a hit in 2011 as it is a simple and beautiful way for brides to keep costs low for their wedding day but still look glamourous, individual and beautiful. It is probably safe to assume that the majority of brides out there don't have the budget of Kate Middleton, but not to worry, there are so many stunning gowns on the market that are classic and elegant and can be easily customised with handmade flowers, ruffles, bows, laces, rosettes and other appliques.

I am often approached by customers who want a Percy flower altered for use on a wedding dress. As everything is made to order, creating something to suit individual preferences is absolutely no problem at all. And, I am always happy to send out fabric swatches to ensure a perfect colour match.

 I am often asked to create something which is either:

  • detachable: such as a cluster of flowers attached to a brooch pin which can be used after the wedding
  • backless: which can be hand sewn onto the dress by a seamstress or the bride 
  • on a sash: either a handmade silk dupioni sash or a double satin ribbon
Either way, it's a gorgeous way to create something simple or dramatic economically and exactly to your liking.

ONE: Find the perfect dress in a classic silhouette. I think the Amsale 2011 fall runway collection is elegant, beautiful and truly inspiring.

Amsale 2011 fall collection
TWO: Pick a flower which gets you excited, something which highlights you as an individual. Flowers or embellishments in whites, ivory or cream are a lovely way to keep things elegant and classic, however don't be afraid to go for bright colours or dramatic shapes! If there is something in store that you would like customised, please let me know! I would love to work with you to create the perfect piece.

Customisable flowers by Percy Handmade 
THREE: Determine where you would like the embellishments. On your shoulder cascading down? On the waist line? On your hip or the back of the dress? The options are endless! Here are some gorgeous embellished gowns for inspiration:

Amsale 2011 fall collection
Just gorgeous! 

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