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Friday, October 8, 2010

I found the most beautiful fabric the other day. I knew exactly what I would make with it the moment I saw it... the result is definitely my favourite flowers so far.  These flowers are only available in ivory at the moment but can be made in different sizes or configurations. I currently have the white and black fabric on order but it could take a little while for them to arrive.

I hope you like them!


Rosanna said...

I've been watching your products for a while now... your sense of color is amazing!!! Furthermore you've been steadily improving. I think you could improve even more if you were to experiment and make flowers with different fabrics (I mean different fabrics within the same flower, for example raw cotton, velvet and matte silk) so that the light can be reflected in different ways and make your creations even more stunning.
I would also suggest to experiment with petal shapes (not just rounded/oval ones but more irregular), so to reproduce flowers like dahlias, magnolias, gardenias and camellias.

percy handmade said...

Hi Rosanna

Thanks for your feedback! I love your suggestions of incorporating different fabrics within the same flower - great advice. The next free moment I have to experiment with new pieces I will definitely try different shapes and fabrics.

Thanks again =)

Em Callaghan said...

Oh I love these Tania!!! I know what I'm getting for my christmas stocking!!!

Cheers Em

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