polaroid pleasures: ginger caravan

Thursday, May 6, 2010

So, it's Thursday night... I have orders to make, orders to package, emails to write, dishes to wash, a house to clean... but instead I find myself lying here on the couch with my Mac on my lap... tap, tap, tapping away at the keys.

But, before I head back to my sewing table to catch up on some orders before bed, I thought I'd share with you a gorgeous little store out of Melbourne, Australia, that I know you will just adore! I first lay eyes on Ginger Caravan a little while ago. Emma Jay is a true artist, able to capture the simple things in life with the press of a button on her polaroid camera.

Check out her store here, and her blog here!

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emma said...

Blushing . . .
Aren't you a sweetheart?!

I've suggested your beautiful goodies to my sis who's getting married in August - she has four bridesmaids to deck out!

I hope the elves do the dishes while you're sleeping

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